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Date: 5/1/15




The time has come for state testing. Over the next two weeks, students will be taking the reading/writing and math tests. Next week, all 4th graders will participate in the reading/writing portions of the test. Both tests are new this year, so not sure what to expect. It will definitely be different from years past. If you have any questions regarding the test, please contact me.


Important Dates: 

May 4-7 ELA testing

May 11-14 Math testing

May 21 4th grade concert

May 22 4th grade field trip

May 25 No School


Student Articles:


S.O.S Program

Are you interested in helping the community? Are you trying to decrease the landfill? Let's discover why the S.O.S program does not only help the community but helps the earth. We think the S.O.S program is a great way to help out! Joining the S.O.S program can increase your chances of being a bobcat ambassador next year. Your job is to help kids know where to put their trash at lunch. Doing this job helps everyone know where to put their leftovers. This is a great program to make the earth a better place. The S.O.S program is the best way to go!!!!!!!!

By: Olivia Lee, Sarah Child, and Nira Alf


The Bobcat Buck Store!

Do you like money? Do you like little stores? Then you will like the bobcat buck store! Bobcat buck store is something where you earn bobcat bucks you can buy candy, erasers, pencils, and snacks. Bobcat bucks are something where you can earn, spend, or save. You gain them from being productive, turning in your homework on time, and cleaning your desk. Bobcat bucks are green slips of paper. Bobcat buck stores are so fun!

By: Gabe France, Tyler Griffith and Michael Richey!


Rocks and minerals

Hello!  Today we will tell you about rocks and minerals.  There are 3 types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Igneous rocks form when lava cools and hardens. Metamorphic rocks form over heat and pressure. Sedimentary rocks form from sediments, such as clay and sand. Minerals are what make up rocks.  A common mineral you can find in your house is table salt!  We hope you like our article!


By: Nicholas R., Aidan W., and Michael K.


Class Auction

Every year in our class we have a chance to reward ourselves for being good. The auction! We use these things called comp sheets and we fill them in from the past months as money. You get comps when you do something good like sitting quietly or answering a question correctly. Once you get a certain number of comps you ask Mr. Grotte sign it and then it's worth $10 in the auction!! The only problem is that people need to donate stuff for us to sell like candy or toys! So the point is...DONATE NOW! Thanks for reading! We hope you will give us stuff to reward ourselves with. Thank you!

By Sean Barsness, George Hampton, Isaac Smithlin.



Have you ever been to a father daughter dance at La Center school?  Well Lisa D'emilio set up a fun and groovy dance for K-5 girls to go with their dads and have fun time together!  The D.J. rocks the music and shoots "snow" with colorful flashing lights!  We are going to tell you a little about the things you can do there.  We had a contest Fathers V.S. Daughters and whoever shouted the loudest won, we also did a limbo. That was fun!  Our favorite part was when we had a huge SELFIE!  Taking selfies of our self!  Going to the father daughter dance is a great opportunity to spend time with your dads.


By: Maddy, Emily, and Chera


Late Homework

Are you worried your child won't get their homework done? Are you having to push them and watch over them so they don't try to pull something sneaky to get out of it? Well not anymore! We've got the answer. LATE HOMEWORK! What better thing would a kid want than to be able to turn in their homework late? Well we are going to be informing you of this wonderful thing. Mr. Grotte, our teacher, has us do a homework slip to tell why we did not get it done that day, (And by the way, homework slips aren't bad!) and then parents have to sign it. Then the next day, we take the late but FINALLY done homework in along with the homework slip in, and BOOM! Right like that were off the hook! So don't worry, push, and constantly watch over us to get our homework done, just please let us do our best! If we do our best, we get to move on!


By: Peyton Yoder, and Kacey Rolph                         




What is your fave season?  Is it SUMMER? Well If it is then we have a great story for you. We have many different things to tell you. Summer is so fun ,You get to swim in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and pools. When you are swimming you are being active, and you can also play some really fun games like Marco Polo! Many people like traveling they like going camping. We like having sleepovers with our friends. We like going to the ice cream shop, pizza place, and the mall.The boys like having sleepovers, go to the river and fish, and play paintball. The last thing is WE LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)


By: Hailey Powers and Sky House!



What’s the one thing that kids don't like? No, it's not cleaning their room. It's testing! Recent research has shown that out of 49 kids 37 do not like testing. After a quick interview with Mr.Grotte we got some answers to questions that kids want to know. When is testing? It starts Monday. How will it be graded? Some will be graded by hand and some will be graded by computers. What effect will it have on the students? They will miss regular class time. Will the test be hard for the pupils? For some it may be a challenge. Some advice Mr.Grotte gave for the students. No one should stress about the test and should know other students are going through the same thing. I hope you got a little information and you are stress free from testing.

By: Ben,Tommy,and Davari


Longer recess

I think we should get longer recess . It's the only time of day we get get to play, exercise and also get to visit with friends outside of our class. We don't have a lot of time to do that. Because of that we should get longer recess. Longer recess will make kids happy and also will give teachers more time to work on stuff they need to do like grading math test or something. I NEED MORE RECESS.

By: Joe & Thomas

Talent  Show!!!

Are you trying out for the talent show or may be even watching it? Abigail is trying out and Mia, Emily, & Hailey are trying out together. They are all from Mr. Grotte's class. Abigail is hula hooping by herself. Mia, Emily, & Hailey are singing Love Story by Taylor Swift! The tryout days were on Tuesday the 22nd, Wednesday the 23rd, & Thursday the  24th. The talent show is on May 27, 2015.Thank you for reading our piece on the talent show!!                                   

By: Abigail Hendrickson, & Mia Beutler:)















































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