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Date: 4/3/15



Have you ever wonder what IXL is? Or what IXL can help you with? Well, all of these answers will be yours after you read this article. IXL has over 4,000 skills for K-12 students. You can practice for an unlimited amount of time. What's nice about IXL is that after you complete a skill you get a gold medal or even a prize! IXL can help you get better grades and is also proven too. We hope you like IXL a little more now that it is explained to you!!!

By- Maddy, Tommy and Ben


The Lelooska Foundation: Our Field Trip


We are going to the Lelooska Foundation for a field trip. The Lelooska Foundation's address is 165 Merwin Village Rd, Ariel, WA 98603. We are going on this field trip to enrich our study of Washington state history. The Lelooska Foundation's name came from Chief Lelooska, He was an indian. Some of the committee members are: Lisa Cunningham, Carol Edmo, Gretchen Fuller, and Wendy Dasler Johnson.Many things are there, for example: masks, statues, baskets, blankets, dresses, and hats. Some of the things they do there are: Silent Auctions/Trading, Dances, School Living History Programs, demonstrations, and Girl Scouts.


By: Abigail Hendrickson, Chera Bellika, Peyton Yoder


Mr. Grotte’s Goldfish


Mr. Grotte has 5 goldfish in his classroom at school. What do they do to eat? They put rocks in their mouths, then eat the gunk, and spit the rock out. They also have a big fish tank that the fish swim around in all day. Mr. Grotte sometimes has to clean their fish tank out from all the algae. There is a fish that is missing one eye. One of the fish are missing both of his eyes! I think it was from a fight, poor fish. The biggest fish of all died like 3 months ago! R.I.P. Big Fish. That’s Mr.Grotte’s goldfish. Thank you reading

By…Michael.R., Thomas.F-D., George.H.


Our History Project


Have you ever wondered about Coastal Indians or Plateau Indians?  We were asked to explore:  Day in the Life …., or share artifacts on Coastal Indians or Plateau Indians. Some groups picked Coastal People and others picked, Plateau People.  We choose our information from websites on the iPad and found other facts from our social studies book.  Everyone can find artifacts from historical places and bring them in to show. We think it is important to have a challenge in school and in school you need to be challenged with the people you work with.

By: Skylar House, Kacey Rolph, Olivia Lee and Emily Surdam




There was a science fair on March 27th. It was in the lunchroom in rows on the tables. It was from 10:00 to11:00 A.M. If you don't know what a science fair is, it something where you make a project and present them to everyone who comes to you. 5th graders, 3rd graders, 2nd graders, 1st graders and parents walk around and ask questions about the projects. You can also list facts and materials about your project. The theme of the project is electricity. One of my favorite projects was the floating paper clips. Most of the projects had magnets. There were some of the best projects

I've ever seen, the best one I think is the electric drawbridge. It was amazing, they did a great job.

By: Gabriel and Joseph




Easter is a national holiday that gives candy but is the only holiday that you have to find the candy. You find the candy that's inside the (plastic of course) eggs. The Easter bunny hides the eggs so you have to find them to get to the candy inside. Our favorite holiday is Easter because it celebrates Jesus's rebirth (and because you get candy)! We think Easter is important because Jesus came back to life. Hope you are going to die eggs this Easter and have fun.  


By. Michael Keith, Sean Barsness, Nicholas Reich, Aidan Watson



Google Docs


Have you ever wondered about Google docs? It is a very useful tool when typing. Not even old people know how to use it. You don't have to save it- it saves for you! You can edit, change size of text and spaces in between returns. You can also change the color of text! I hope that you enjoyed our paragraph and maybe you will make an account some day!

By: Tyler, Davari and Isaac.














































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