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Date: 8/28/14


Welcome back!! I hope your summer was fun and relaxing. I am really looking forward to the new school year. 


Expectations! My expectations for the students are set high.   I expect students to come to class with a positive attitude, open mind, and a willingness to learn.  I also want the students to respect the rights of all students in the class.  The ultimate goal is to make school exciting for the students. The best way to do this is by attempting to meet each individual's needs, give the students a voice in the classroom, and make instruction relative to their personal lives. 


Arrival. School begins at 8:25 AM and ends at 2:55 PM. Classroom doors will be open at 8:10 AM. Early arriving students need to wait outside the room or in the main building. On Wednesdays, students will start school at 9:25 AM.


**Snacks & drinks. Students may bring a snack to class. This should be something little. The students should be able to finish their snack in 5-7 minutes. The students should bring a water bottle from home to keep at school. We do not have water fountains.


Curriculum. We will be going over the curriculum for the year and classroom business during Curriculum Night on September 17, 2014. We hope everyone will be able to attend.


Classroom visits. All visitors will need to check in for all visits, including day assemblies, parties, ect. Volunteers will need to fill out a volunteer packet and be cleared before working with students.


A note from the secretary.    

Many parents neglect to excuse absences.  It is indeed a busy world we live in.  However, in a school with as many students as La Center Elementary, when parents do not call or send a note to excuse absences a huge burden is placed on the office staff. By law all absences must be excused, the office is forced to make literally hundreds of phone calls each week.  And when parents cannot be reached or do not respond many letters must be sent home.  Quickly excusing absences is a huge help to the office.  So please send a note or call.


















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