Ms. Bryan - 2015-16

Film Study - Grading Policy


Film Study

A.F.I. Lists



Extra Credit

How I Grade

  • I grade using a point system. Students' final grades are determined by the percentage of possible points that they earn:


































  • Each assignment is given a certain weight based on its relative importance and the amount of work it requires.
  • Movie quizzes, for example, are usually worth 20-40 points while reading guides are weighted between 10 and 25 points.
  • Exams and major projects are worth far more, 150-200 points.

Late Work

  • If a student has been absent (excused), s/he has two days to make up missed work for each day that s/he has been absent. The exception is film viewing. See Movie Make-up and Quizzes below.
  • It is the student's responsibility to collect missed work on the day s/he returns to class. Otherwise, the student forfeits the right to complete the work.
  • If possible, students should consult the high school Web site prior to returning to class to determine what they have missed:
  • Students who have been absent unexcused will receive a zero on any work completed or due on the day of the unexcused absence.

Major Assignments

  • Major assignments consist of exams, compositions, projects, speeches, and any other work that I identify as a major assignment.
  • Students must complete ALL major assignments (and earn at least 60% overall) to receive a passing grade in the class.
  • Because I require students to complete all major assignments, I allow students to turn in this work late; however, the student loses one grade for each day that the work is late. After five days, the student will receive a zero on the assignment; still, it must be completed.

Movie Makeup and Quizzes

In almost all cases, you have one week from the day that you miss part of a film to make up the film and to complete the quiz. Each day, I will post my movie make-up list so you know just when you must complete your make-up. You have four options for film make-up:

  • Watch the movie in my classroom before or after school.
  • If you have a free period, take a DVD copy to another classroom or the library to watch what you missed.
  • Subject to availability, you may borrow a DVD copy of the film to take home and watch. The catch is that you may only have the film overnight and if you blow it more than once, you lose your chance to borrow movies for the rest of the semester. In most cases, I have three copies of the movie we watch to loan for make-up, but remember that I have nearly 50 students in Film Study. Remember: There is NO guarantee that you will be able to borrow a DVD copy of the film.
  • Rent the film yourself and watch at home. Or try Netflix.
  • NOTE; Accumulating more absences during your make-up period does not lengthen your make-up period.

If There Is A Problem

While I adhere to my policies quite strictly, I have taught long enough to know that unusual situations arise that require flexibility. If you need to explain a special circumstance or situation to me concerning grades or attendance, please visit with me.